Worldolio Mobile Web Site

Worldolio is an application that enables you to keep track of various geographical information for cities around the world. The site can be accessed using internet connected mobile phones and handheld computers.


  • Local time, sunrise, sunset displayed for each city
  • Distance, dial code from your home city


  • A mobile phone with a browser supported by the .NET Mobile Toolkit
  • A connection to the internet from the phone

Accessing the mobile web site

To access the mobile web site with the same cities that you have setup on the desktop web site then you should enter the following URL into your mobile browser


Worldolio Mobile has been tested on:

  • Motorola Timeport P7389
  • Sony Ericsson T39
  • Panasonic GD87
  • Motorola V220
  • Orange SPV E200
  • iMate SP3
  • iMate SP5
  • Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer