View time, geographical information and weather forecasts for cities around the world: current time, sunrise, sunset, dial-codes, airports, and much more.

  • Weather view showing detailed 7 day weather forecasts for all 500+ cities
  • World map view showing your selected cities and day/night shadow
  • Time planner view allows you to change the time and see the equivalent time in all your selected cities (great for planning meetings)
  • Local time, sunrise, sunset for 500+ cities
  • Daylight savings information, including the new US changes
  • Time differences, distances, Longitude and latitude
  • Shows how to dial phone numbers between any of the cities
  • Weather forecasts are updated seamlessly every time you synchronize your smartphone/pocket pc
  • Weather can also be manually updated whenever you have a data connection (GPRS/WiFi/etc.).
  • For an demonstration of all the features available check out the Online Version

Customer Reviews

Easy set up and use for the time worldwide. Great

This software gives you easy access to the local time any place of your choice in the worlds time zones. Easy to install and to set up. No hazzles. No bugs.


For the traveller who needs to know when is when and where. Easy to use and lots of features. Excellent price too.

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more screenshots