Known Problems

This section lists problems that have been found in Worldolio that haven't been resolved yet. We will provide fixes for these problems as fast as we can.

Worldolio Web

  • When the time is updated on the View Cities page using script in the browser the day/night images are not kept up to date
  • The site sometimes jumps half way down the screen in Netscape 7, however it is displayed correctly in Netscape 6

Worldolio MobileWeb

  • There is no way of changing the display preferences on the mobile site.

Worldolio.NET for Windows

  • The local time slider on the Time Planner tab does not have enough hours on it on a day when the hour goes back for the home city.

Worldolio for PocketPC

  • None at this time

Worldolio for Smartphone

  • None at this time